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NYC ready for the 2019 Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC)

Celebrating 20 years of great music networking, music collaborations, new artists showcases, new music compilation, and bringing together the independent Latin scene and artists in one place. The Latin Alternative Music Conference, better known as «LAMC«, it’s been on the radar of different music producers, managers, directors, and especially artists who are promoting new music, who are emerging trying to get to promote their music, and/or artists looking for a network of people in the music industry.

This year, LAMC will feature Puerto Rican’s music industry makers and artists, as a panelist’s ILe, Polo Montalvo from La Buena Fortuna, and Jose ‘Fofito» Morales from La Respuesta & La Marqueta Retoña. Plus Puerto Rican’s artists that will perform, Los Rivera Destino, ILe, Campo Formio, and Sie7e. Check out the entire schedule below. Remember to register for the conferences and showcases.

Acerca de La Rabieta (75 Artículos)
Clandestino PR is a music platform that promotes live and virtual music events of Puerto Rican & Latinx artists.

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